Q:Other than video games, what else do you translate?

A:We handle translations for any type of media-related content. This includes anything that requires something more than just a clear and accurate translation, from narration scripts for TV content and product promotion videos to blurbs advertising a company’s services. For us, translation is more than just the process of converting one language into another; it is an act of creating content that satisfies the needs of that medium.

Q:How many characters can your translate per day?

A:Generally speaking, we aim for an average 4,000-5,000 characters a day per translator. If the deadline is tight, we can form a team of translators to complete the job on time.

Q:Do you translate specialized documents for fields such as finance and law?

A:We are very sorry, but we are strictly a media services company and do not accept any type of job that requires specialized knowledge. We realize that many localization companies do accept work related to such specialized fields, but as we do not have the necessary knowledge to assess translations in these fields, we cannot guarantee the quality of the final product. The trust of our clients is very important to us, and we will not put that trust at risk by accepting work for which we cannot in good faith guarantee a high-quality final product.

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