Talent Recruitment

Q:What types of talents do you provide?

A:We provide a range of talents working in Japan, from actors to voice actors, models to MCs. As a general rule, we do not hire talents with less than 3 years of experience, and every talent must demonstrate a high quality in the fields that they work in. We will never introduce clients to untested talents, for example, just to satisfy the image that our client may be looking for.

We also apply this strict rule to talents who, on the face of it, have been working in the talent industry for a number of years. No matter how long they have been working as a voice actor in Japan for, if we determine that the quality of their voice work is inadequate, we will not hire them for any voice jobs. Similarly, no matter how impressive their list of Japanese TV and stage credits, we will not hire any actors that have not demonstrated the kind of skill expected of actors in America and Europe. Soli Consultants realizes the importance of a talent’s image, especially in content distributed in Japan, but for us the level of their craft is just as important.

For a list of our major talents, please visit the Talents page. (Please note that content is only available in Japanese.)

Q:None of the talents on the Talents page fit the image we’re looking for.

A:The talents on our website represent only a fraction of the talents that are registered with us. If you could let us know what kind of image you are looking for, we will do our best to cater to it.

Q:Isn’t it generally better to dub games using voice actors in America and Europe than those working in Japan?

A:It is true that the reputation of domestic voice actors working in English is rather poor. There have been more than a few cases in which a game was dubbed without a proper understanding of good voice acting and went on to receive scathing reviews simply for the voice acting. This has created a general impression that it is impossible to create a high-quality English recording in Japan, and Japanese localization companies are now more likely than not to send their staff overseas just to dub a game.

This, however, overlooks the fact that there are poor voice actors in America and Europe as well, and that there are actually quite a few high-quality voice actors who work in Japan. A few of our voice actors, in fact, do a lot of high profile work overseas as well, and many can do bilingual voice acting, a skill that very few voice actors in Japan possess.

When dubbing any content, the casting is handled by Cyrus Nozomu Sethna, the company president himself. Cyrus is an experienced voice actor and narrator in his own right, and has created a vast network of voice actors over the years. By hand-selecting voice actors from this network of skilled actors, Soli Consultants can provide clients with dubbing that matches the quality of that found in high-profile games developed by American and European companies. Furthermore, because we record the dub locally and hire all voice actors ourselves, we can considerably cut down on costs and can immediately respond to any emergencies that require the content to be re-recorded.

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