Game Localization

Q:What does the localization process entail?

A:We translate all source text and scripts into English and FIGS (French, Italian, German, and Spanish), hire voice actors for any dubbing work, secure a studio for the recording, and direct and supervise the entire recording.

Q:What are your criteria for the translators you hire?

A:We only hire translators who have either worked in-house at a major video game company such as Nintendo or Square Enix or have worked on localized titles that were well received for their translations, and have passed our translation test.

Q:Isn’t that pretty much the criteria for all localization companies?

A:It is true that criteria for translators do not generally differ from one company to another. What is different about Soli Consultants, however, is that all localizations are supervised by a professional writer with years of experience in journalism and video game translation and an educational background in a highly regarded writing program. Everyone knows that a straightforward translation just doesn’t work when it comes to games; and yet, knowing this does not make it any easier to craft dialogue and prose that is well-written and has a natural rhythm, no matter how many years of translating experience one may have. The result, all too often, is a well-meaning localization that nevertheless still sounds “translated.”

This is where a professional writer can make a huge difference. All Japanese-to-English translators hired by Soli Consultants must demonstrate an ability to not only accurately grasp the meaning of the source material, but also to write at the level of some of the better game writers working in America and Europe today. Furthermore, all translations are given a final polish by our translation director, Zal Heiwa Sethna, therefore ensuring the high quality of the final product. We are not interested in creating high-quality translations; what we aim for is the creation of high-quality original content.

Q:How about FIGS translations?

A:Since we cannot assess the quality of our FIGS translators ourselves, we first take a look at the experience of the translator before asking them to take a test. Next, we have the test evaluated by translators who have worked in some of Europe’s largest localization companies, asking for detailed assessments on both the accuracy and writing style of the translator. Based on the assessments, we determine whether the translator is a good fit for our company or not. Furthermore, we do not hire translators that do not work as part of team, no matter how big the volume of text. This is to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the translation.

Q:What about system messages and other technical text?

A:Before beginning any project, we have our client provide us with the latest hardware and system terminology. We also make sure to periodically update terminology throughout all projects.

Q:I’d like to ask about your dubbing services.

A:Please view the Q&A’s for Talent Recruitment and Direction.

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