Soli Consultants was established in 2005. Company president Cyrus Nozomu Sethna had just completed three years of work at a major video game company, and initially it was his intention to build on that experience by focusing on video game localization. Eventually, however, Cyrus decided to also build on his studies at Macalester College in Minnesota, where he had majored in Theater and Communication, by expanding the company’s operations to offer a wide variety of media services, including voice and TV acting and supervision for English educational programming. With demand increasing for non-translation services, Cyrus decided in 2010, the company’s 5th anniversary, to divide the company into two divisions: a Talent Division for providing clients with voice, TV, and stage actors, models, and other talents; and a Translation Division for providing mainly game localization services. He has been joined recently by his brother, Zal Heiwa Sethna, who now heads the Translation Division. Zal brings with him several years of professional journalism and video game translation experience, as well as writing skills developed through the highly regarded Knox College Writing Program.

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